In-Office Erectile Dysfunction Treatment: LiSWT

If you want to bring spontaneity – and fun – back to the bedroom, you should know about low-intensity shockwave therapy (LiSWT). This erectile dysfunction (ED) treatment that restores your ability to achieve erections naturally.

LiSWT ED therapy improves blood flow to the penis for stronger erections.

• No anesthesia

• No down-time

man talking to doctor

• No pain

• No medication or surgery

• No side effects

• In-office treatment sessions last 15-20 minutes

What to Expect:

Here’s what you can expect during each LiSWT treatment session:

1. Arrive at the AUI office for your 5-20 minute treatment session.

2. Once in the comfortable treatment room, your AUI provider will apply gel to your penis to improve the shockwave transmission.

3. Next, your AUI provider will use a wand to apply treatments to specific areas of your penis.

4. The gel is wiped away and you can immediately return to normal activity.

If you struggle with ED and are an appropriate candidate, LiSWT ED therapy can:

• Improve your performance

• Restore spontaneity

• Make sex fun again

Contact Clearwater Sex Health to schedule an appointment with Dr. Beilan to learn more about this groundbreaking erectile dysfunction treatment option.